By: Philadelphia Flea Market News

Very nice article. #1 I found very interesting and although I agree to an extent, a closer look and a deeper explanation, I believe, is needed. On Philadelphia Flea Market News, I discern between “seller’s” and ‘buyer’s” flea markets. For the most part, seller’s markets are better for professional and semi-professional vendors to, of course, sell at so when I am shopping for resalable merchandise, I avoid this type of market altogether. Instead, I scour the sidewalk, yard, and garage sales but also add to my itinerary buyer’s flea markets. These are lower-end, or normally smaller flea markets (like church or school fundraisers) that are just like the sales I mention above in that they are normally swarming with vendors who do not know (or care) what their stuff is worth. They are just there to either get rid of their “junk” from their homes and/or have a good time supporting whatever organization running the flea market.

There are other types of buyer’s flea markets that because of the neighborhoods they are near attract clienteles that are looking for more practical and household items. When vendors at these flea markets have a vintage or antique or rarer item, they normally sell it very cheap since their regular customers have no interest in it.

Shopping at these types of buyer’s flea markets is more work as the merchandise is much more mixed and there is a lot more junk but, for the collector, professional vendor, and Internet reseller, they are often worth the extra effort. Last year, at a weekly, year-round buyer’s market in Philadelphia, I bought about 12 books for 20 or 25 dollars and sold four of them online for $27, $44, $65, and $225. The rest I sold at various flea markets for $3 to $10.

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