By: flea market insiders

In reply to Philadelphia Flea Market News.

Great tip! I’d recommend any person who usually scores flea markets for antique or rare items, to follow these few rules. By making a discern between “seller’s” and ‘buyer’s” flea markets, the probability of going back home with a great find is multiplied by 10; for instance, church flea markets are great because vendors usually want to get rid of the stuff they sell (not even theirs, most of the time) and don’t argue much on price: everything has to be gone within a day or two. For instance I found two Rolleiflex cameras from 1955 for 60€ (they usually retail on eBay for 500€-700€). And if you’re clever enough, try and show up a day before the official start of the yard/church sale when professional vendor scour the place for valuable items; that’s when you’ll find the best items on sale that will be gone anyway by the next day. Once again, great tips!

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